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We at Academic Chess are dedicated to promoting the merits of chess to children by using stories, dances, and catchy songs to make the game exciting to play, easy to understand, and impossible to give up.

All children who participate in our program will:
  •  Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  •  Improve their concentration and mental discipline
  •  Gain confidence and above all, have lots of FUN!
Class Structure:
  •  An enthusiastic, certified, and well-trained Academic Chess instructor will conduct an engaging, interactive lesson using a two-dimensional demonstration board.
  •  After the weekly lesson, students will play chess against one another using tournament-quality equipment.
  •  During play, the instructor will supervise and coach students as they further improve their chess skills.
All students who join the Academic Chess club will also receive:
  •  An exclusive Academic Chess workbook full of lessons, puzzles, and chess history
  •  Prizes for effort and participation, irrespective of skill level
  •  A magnetic chessboard to take home for practice and fun that can be played anywhere

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  •  6-12 weeks of origami instruction
  •  Exclusive Sky High Origami booklet
  •  A set of origami paper
  •  Prizes awareded to all students

Origami teaches children to:

  •  Develop motor skills
  •  Improve pattern recognition
  •  Problem solving and following directions
  •  Encourages cooperation
  •  Strategize, plan, and visualize results

Enroll in Sky High Origami

By the last day of the session, our Sky High Origami students will have created
animals, rockets, flowers, paper hats, and much, much more.