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We at Sky High Dance believe there is a dancer inside us all!  We send you the best instructors to teach kids creative movement and Hip Hop, turning even the least-experienced child into a bona-fide dancer.

All students that participate will learn how to:
  •  Understand stage direction
  •  Count beats and maintain rhythm
  •  Recognize movement progressions
  •  Create and interpret choreography patterns
  •  Enhance confidence and self-image
Class Structure:
  •  A professional, kid friendly dance instructor will teach each student the fundamentals of dance and challenge them to put their skills to use by learning a fun and exciting routine.
  •  Students will learn how to move, groove, and cut a rug with the best of them!
All students who join the Sky High Dance Club will also receive:
  •  An exclusive Sky High Dance T-shirt
  •  Exclusive Sky High Dance gear to accompany their shirt
On the last day of class, there will be a special show where students will showcase their newly-learned steps for the enjoyment of their instructors, parents, and friends!

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  •  6-12 weeks of instruction
  •  A dynamic certified dance instructor
  •  Showcase on the last date
  •  Prizes awarded to all students
  •  An exclusive Sky High Dance T-Shirt

Dance teaches children to:

  •  Improve strength and flexibility
  •  Recognized movement progressions
  •  Learn stage direction
  •  Improve memorization skills
  •  Develop choerography patterns
  •  Enhance confidence and self-image

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We strive to make dance accessible for all our students.
By making dance attractive and fun, students who might have never considered dancing will want to give dance a chance.