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    Sky High Dance

    We are an after school enrichment program devoted to teaching dance, creative movement, and Hip Hop to both boys and girls from K – 8th

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    Dance Teachers

    We do not staff hobbyists, and only make room for artists dedicated to their craft and have a lifelong devotion to a dance career.

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We teach creative movement and Hip Hop to boys and girls from K-8. Students who participate in our program learn stage directions, learn how to count beats and rhythm, and recognize movement progressions and choreography patterns.

Sky High Dance is an organization devoted to enriching the lives of children through dance. We use captivating stories, special dance games, and uplifting music to cultivate every child’s confidence.
Why Choose Us
Sky High Dance strives to nurture every child’s appreciation and love for dance so it will remain with them for a lifetime.
Physical Exercise

Children improve bodily strength and flexibility.


Learning movement progressions and choreography patterns enhances memorization skills.


Most importantly, we teach the history of Hip Hop which emphasizes peace, love and unity.

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We strive to make dance accessible for all our students.
By making dance attractive and fun, students who might have never considered dancing will want to give dance a chance.