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    We send instructors, chess books, prizes, and years of experience to your campus each week for this 1 hour chess club.

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    An enthusiastic, kid friendly chess instructor will conduct an engaging, interactive lesson using a two-dimensional demonstration board.

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Chess is a game that is over 2,000 years old. Countless millions have learned it. Far fewer have mastered it. But those children who enter our program will have the edge they need to become world-class players.

We at Academic Chess are dedicated to promoting the merits of chess to children.  We send you the best chess instructors that will make the game exciting to play, easy to understand, and impossible to give up.
Why Choose Us
This unique learning experience not only teaches children to play the game of chess, but also prepares them for innumerable facets of life by enhancing their thought processes and honing their analytical skills.
Critical Thinking

Children participating in chess develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Children develop better concentration and mental discipline.


Gain confidence in their abilities and have lots of fun!

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