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Sky High Enrichment is dedicated to coordinating fun and educational experiences designed specifically for K-6th graders.  We are partnered with the best instructors after-school enrichment has to offer!  

We have a wide range of after-school activites for your students to choose from and our experienced and dedicated office staff has been providing enrichment programs for over 20 years.  Our entire office staff is dedicated to coordinating educational experiences that are equally fun and beneficial.  We work with reliable, passionate, and knowledgeable instructors that are dedicated to offering nothing less than the most interactive, engaging, and valuable lessons to their students.

In fact, it has been shown that children who participate in the types of after-school programs and activities coordinated by Sky High Enrichment often post higher scores on standardized tests, as well as perform better overall, than those who do not.

Sky High Enrichment coordinates programs that are tailored to assist students in:
  •  Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  •  Improving concentration and mental acuity
  •  Recognizing patterns and designing tactics
  •  Strategy, analysis, and evaluation
  •  Communication skills
  •  Memorization skills
  •  Strength, flexibility, and agility
  •  The value of sportsmanship
  •  Gaining and maintaining confidence
  •  Respecting one’s teammates as well as opponents

All of the instructors we work with are TB tested and fingerprinted to help ensure child safety.  We are fully insured and the instructors are well organized, prepared, and capable of dealing with large groups of students of varying skill levels.

Our office staff has developed a comprehensive system for managing programs for each school we work with.  Schools and parents no longer have to contact multiple vendors and juggle schedules to fit their needs.  We can handle all administrative tasks, scheduling, and human resources ourselves, thereby relieving the schools of any additional work.  This allows us to customize the programs to ensure that each school has their wants and needs met.  We strive to provide students with an environment that nurtures their creativity and instills confidence.